Day 4 up in Algonquin was fun filled with friends, although I have some good shots, the couple that I was excited to get on the computer, did not turn out as good as I thought they would be, Oh well, there is still tomorrow. Main shots taken today was on Pine Martins and Red Fox. Saw a Blue Heron, but not much other then that, which is OK due to the fact that it is still great being out with nature and wildlife. Beats the city any day of the week.
I tried something new by trying post editing on this Beaver pic which was somewhat a technique that a friend of mine uses on some of their work, let me know what you think of it. Also attaching a Red Fox head shot for your enjoyment.

As always, thank you to all for all your likes and comments, I am so happy that you enjoy my photos as much as I do taking them. Please feel free in sharing and for more of my photos you can visit facebook.shoot with a camera or my website Once again thanks to all.