Happy New Year

Out with the old and in with the new, Happy New Year.  2014 was a great year for me, as I got back into photography, which is now capturing more of my love for the great outdoors. My goal for the upcoming year is to continue perfecting this craft by improving my skills and capturing stunning photographs, while learning night and flash photography.  Follow my progress and let me know how I am doing.

Last night, I ventured to Niagara Falls for the New Years Eve festivities, make a deposit at the Casino and take my first attempt at shooting fireworks.  There is truth about timing and having all the right settings in order to obtain great firework shoots and I must say that I will need a lot more practice, too bad that there is only a few times a year to be able to do just that.  For my first attempt, I am pretty pleased in this pic.

I need to add that one thing that I am very upset with myself from last night is, I met 4 very nice people who asked if I would take a picture of them using their cell phone and unfortunately they did not turn out, do to the lighting being to dark and me trying to be nice, I offered to take a picture with my camera and e-mail it to them.  After taking a few shoots, we all looked at them on the camera display and agreed on one which appeared to be good.  When I got home and put it on the computer to e-mail to them, boy oh boy was I disappointed in myself, they were all blurry.  What I figured out after, was I did not change the lens settings from when I was shooting the fireworks and hence affected the image.  Man am I embarrassed, as I think I am better that and more importantly, I feel very bad that I could not produce a nice photo of them enjoying their New Years Eve evening together, which I am so sorry for that.  Lesson for me, guess I have to double check all settings in the future before rushing to take a picture.  Good thing that this is not my full-time profession or I think I would be broke based on screw ups like this. LOL

Wishing all a very Happy New Year